Summers Over, But Bikini Wax Maintenance Shouldn’t Be…

Waxing your nether regions is uncomfortable enough without allowing ingrown hairs and irritated skin to wreak havoc between appointments.

If you’ve accepted ingrown hairs as inevitable, it may be time for reevaluation, says Brianna Borlodan, Aveda Skin Care Wax Specialist. Smooth, irritation free skin is possible with these bikini-wax techniques and suggestions:

  1. Exfoliate before and after two days before and the first three days after a wax appointment to remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and allow hair to push through easily, suggests Brianna.
  2. Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics™Exfoliant pairs mild exfoliants with soothing ingredients in a non-abrasive liquid to wipe away spent surface cells, revealing a smoother skin primed for maximum treatment and moisture benefits certified with organic lime, geranium, eucalyptus and other pure flower and plant essences.
  3. 2. After your wax, moisturize. Smooth Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid over skin to loosen dead skin that could create ingrown hair. This lotion has worked wonders in less than a month using Tourmaline and plant essences such as lavender and geranium to boost cell turnover without the negative side affects of alpha-hydroxy or glycolic acids, which tend to leave skin additionally irritated. The Radiance Fluid is suitable for most skin types, however, Brianna will discuss lotions, as always, for sensitive skin.
  4. 3. Apply a cream that replenishes moisture is beneficial.

Nurturing your skin comes naturally with Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion, a quick-absorbing lotion containing emollients derived from coconut, jojoba and other naturally derived ingredients that replenishes moisture with a gentle touch with certified organic, geranium, orange, lavender and other pure flower and plant essences.

Schedule a Complimentary Bikini Line Wax with Brianna this week and discuss this and additional waxing recommendations.

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