Facials and Men’s Skin.

Men’s Skin Care. Their pores are larger, their faces…a little bit oilier, and their skin, thicker.

And Women. They understand that a certain amount of detail is associated with Skin Care, treatments, waxing…

Now, don’t get me wrong…facial massage and immediate refining benefits are relaxing, but we’re all here for improvement, be it extractions, treatments…whatever is needed to produce consistent, healthy skin.

And then come the men…the guys who can play football and lift the heavy items ladies can’t. They can handle anything. Skin Care, treatments, waxing…they need it also, the details and benefits, the targeted treatments, relaxing and effective. And they appreciate results specific to men’s skin concerns.

“Obviously, I take it very seriously and make people feel comfortable, but men need communication that the experience of extractions, targeted services and necessary treatments will product the results, and they always see it’s worthwhile”, says Amy Garita, Aveda Skin Care Specialist and Licensed Esthetician.

“I’ve recognize areas Men could see results in and offer Complimentary Skin Care Consultations for all of our Guests. Men respond with significant interest. And I speak with guys respectfully, of course, when out of the Spa, if I notice an area they could see Skin Care benefits in. Several gentleman guests or Men I’ve spoke to have scheduled appointments and are seeing significant results. All are impressed with the options”.

There are guys that say, ‘I didn’t realize there was anything more effective. I thought I had to just live with certain skin concerns.’ And there are such great products for men’s skin specifically to support these Men’s Treatments.

Amy shares, “Men’s Skin Care is just as important as Women’s Skin Care. I like to focus on the beard area because of the constant irritation due to shaving. There are possibilities of ingrown hairs, pimples, and sensitized skin from shaving. Overall my goal is to keep men’s skin healthy and clear of fine lines, acne, and/or dryness”.

Take some time to meet with Amy. Men can schedule a complimentary Skin Care Consultation online, call or just stop by, but there is one thing we are certain of, you’ll appreciate the options, Amy’s experience and knowledge and Aveda’s consistent results.

Men’s Skin Care is just as important. At any age.

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