Restoring over shaped brows can be an absolute pain in the arch!

How to Reshape Brows That Have Been Over-Shaped

We asked Amy Garita, Licensed Esthetician and Aveda Skin Care Specialist how to reshape brows to achieve the fullest, best shaped, most face-flattering results, less all the growing out inconveniences. Over-tweezed brows, grown-out brows, we’ll teach you how to get your brows back into shape.

A magnifying mirror and tweezers are dangerous to most of our brows and being patient in growing them back? Even worse!

Wondering how to reshape eyebrows that are over-tweezed? Put down the tweezers!

Here are 12 Tips on how to undo the damage

1. Retire the tweezers.

It takes three to four months to see real change, and up to a year or more sometimes for brows to grow back entirely. But, yes, they will grow back! The first week is the most difficult. But if you leave them alone, the random little hairs will eventually become a full brow again.If a stray hair is growing at an odd angle, resist the urge to tweeze, trim it instead. And schedule wax appointments with a professional to maintain the light hair framing your brows.

Freeze your tweezers in a glass of water, give them to a supportive friend… If you can’t get to your tweezers immediately, the urge to tweeze will pass.

There is ONE exception to the no-tweezing policy: If you’re prone to a few hairs between your brows, those have to go!

To ensure you’re not over-shaping, Amy recommends using a guide. With professional recommendation, Amy follows the angles on either side of visual lines. And waxes in between those lines.

2. Fill in brow gaps like an expert.

Even though you can’t use your tweezers, you can still use makeup. There’s no avoiding it: Your brows will go through an less than attractive phase in the grow-out process, and makeup will save you. Brow fillers, pencils will be very helpful. You may simply be filling in holes…then pencils and powders are best. Amy recommends Aveda Brow Defining Pencil in Sepia.

If you’re growing out larger areas, pencil won’t cut it. “What you want to do is draw on the brow shape you want,” Amy explains, “then cover up the patchy, new growth inside the lines with powder”. Amy likes Aveda Color Trio, Gobi Sands.

As far as finding the best color is concerned, go one to two shades lighter than your hair if you’re a brunette, taupe if you’re blonde.

While you’re waiting the three to four months it takes for over-groomed brows to grow out, stock up on brow makeup.

3. Encourage growth by conditioning at night and taking hair growth supplements.

Aveda Invati Hair Advanced Thickening Conditioner revitalizes fine hair and does the same for brows.

The same supplements that support hair growth, biotin…and iron, if you have an iron deficiency, will also help brow hair grow.

How to Define Fuller Eyebrows

Are thinner, more arched brows your preference? Here’s how to make it happen. Strong brows need to have shape and separation,otherwise they’ll overwhelm your face.

4. Divide and conquer.

When hair approaches the unibrow territory, you need to have a professional wax this unwanted hair. With a line vertically from the outer edge of your nostril to your brows, brows can be determined as to where each one should start and be sure they are where they should be.

5. Make the cut.

Reshaping your brows doesn’t only mean waxing them. Often a trim is needed. Brows are combed straight up and only the longest hairs are trimmed. Follow up with a brow gel to keep brows in place. A professional does this much better than we are able to with over trimming.

6. Shape up.

Define the arch. Your individual arch is your brow’s highest point, just beyond your iris as you look straight ahead. Removing a few hairs just beneath it makes a difference. “The most common mistake I see is when people take too much off the end of their brows,” says Amy. Short brows look like tadpoles, and they age our faces. The ends of our brows thin as we get older, so lets not encourage it!

7. End well.

Be careful not to shorten beautiful, long brows. If the ends of your brows are too far below where the heads begin a dragging effect can be created. Instead, they should be tapered to the ends to create a clean, sharp point.

How to Reshape Eyebrows that Look Like Commas

What’s a comma brow? A brow that has been thinly tweezed only under the arches and at the ends create a comma effect.

8. Achieve balance by really filling in the brow ends.

Removing thickness from the front will actually make the ends appear thicker and the brow style more updated. Brows will be instantly look more natural. Lightly fill in with a brow pencil, concentrating color on the thinner ends.

How to Calm Down Angry Brows

They look like an upside down V and these type of brows can make you seem angry. Here’s how to soften the angry brow.

9. Avoid the point.

For a friendlier effect, have a few hairs waxed from the top of the arch. Forget the old rule that says you should never wax above the brow. If a few hairs are interfering with an ideal shape, they need to go! Then lightly fill in the area directly beneath the point to soften the shape, if needed.

10. Focus on the front.

Comb the inner half of your brows up and trim any hairs that extend far past the top. Long hairs can really make your eyebrows appear thicker than necessary and a slight trim really helps.

When All Else Fails…

If you find yourself waiting, no other way than impatiently, for your brows to grow out and if the steps above aren’t enough, Amy has a few more drastic ideas to help you love your look in the interim.

11. Employ distraction techniques.

Keep attention as far away from your brows as possible. Wear bangs, a statement lip, whatever you can think of to keep people from focusing on your brows. That means just the opposite…avoid cat eyes and winged liner techniques.

12. Try eyebrow tinting.

If you can’t even deal with your eyebrows as they grow back, consider eyebrow tinting. It’s one way to create the appearance of a thicker brow as it bulks up the lightest fine hairs.

“Brow tinting is life-changing. It’s helped me so much when growing out my brows because it bulks up all those baby-fine hairs,” says one guest. Your best bet is to visit a professional rather than trying this technique at home. An additional benefit of scheduling an appointment with a professional is that they can paint the tint on in your desired brow shape with a better perspective.

Now that Your Eyebrows Have Grown Back…

If you’ve waited the long months it took to allow your brows to grow out after over shaping, it’s time to carefully shape the brow you actually want.

We recommend trusting a professional to determine your perfect brow shape. “It’s all about balance” says Amy. If you have petite features, your brows shouldn’t be too large, and if you have larger features, your brows can also be larger.

Face Shape vs. Brow Shape

Brow shaping can really change the look of your face.

If you have a long or rectangular face… you can make your face appear shorter or more proportional with a straighter, flatter brow.

If you have a heart-shaped face… thick brows can create an imbalance. And thick brows can overwhelm a small face. These types of faces look great with well-groomed brows that are neither too thick or too thin.

On the other hand, if you have a square jaw… a thick, heavy brow can balance the top half of your face by making it match the bottom.

If you have a diamond shaped face… curved eyebrows can lessen the angularity of your face.

What brow shape looks good on everyone? Soft, angled eyebrows are universally flattering, regardless of your face shape and when well maintained, never go out of style.

Leave it to your Wax Specialist/Esthetician. And once you’ve determined your perfect shape, although it may be necessary to carefully clean up stray hairs with tweezers between waxing visits, before you start tweezing, use caution to maintain the shape you want. And let Amy share brow defining techniques while growing out and once you have refined your brows.

And remember the hard work that went into bringing your brows back to life!

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