Facials and Men’s Skin.

Men's Skin Care. Their pores are larger, their faces...a little bit oilier, and their skin, thicker. And Women. They understand that a certain amount of detail is associated with Skin Care, treatments, waxing… Now, don't get me wrong...facial massage and immediate refining benefits are relaxing, but we're all here for improvement, be it extractions, [...]

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How to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall…

How to Transition Your Skin from Summer to Fall... With Fall Here, It's Time to Talk Skin. Autumn brings cooler weather and a drop in humidity, making skin dry and uneven in texture. Mix this with dry heat from and it's a set up for skin disasters, like eczema and dry, itchy skin. "Moisturizers [...]

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2018 Fall Spa Event

Join us for a Fall Spa Event. Friday, October 5th 6–9pm Enjoy a Spa Evening With Wine, Light Fare, Personalized Fall Services and the benefits of Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Progressively Effective products, Combined with Recommendations & Professional Experience Shared by our Team at Penn Avenue Salon & Spa. -Enjoy a Fall Skin Care Consultation [...]

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Summers Over, But Bikini Wax Maintenance Shouldn’t Be…

Waxing your nether regions is uncomfortable enough without allowing ingrown hairs and irritated skin to wreak havoc between appointments. If you've accepted ingrown hairs as inevitable, it may be time for reevaluation, says Brianna Borlodan, Aveda Skin Care Wax Specialist. Smooth, irritation free skin is possible with these bikini-wax techniques and suggestions: Exfoliate before [...]

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Beat Pre College Stress…Look and Feel Confident.

Returning to College/School...Don't Forget your Skin. Consider this Pre-Stress Treatment for Stressed, Oil and Trouble Prone Skin. Return with Confidence. Aveda's Sea Mineral Masque Treatment Refreshes and Soothes Skin Customized with appropriate Aveda Balancing Infusion and Pure Sea Science Essences. Schedule an Aveda 20 Minute Sea Science Facial or Body Treatment $45 Before you [...]

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